Delivering daily in unconventional basins.

Founded based on a unique equipment configuration that consistently delivered in high rates and pressures for unconventional basins; Pumpco Energy Services operates a dedicated fleet model that focuses on delivering safe, high-efficiency operations at lower costs through long-term customer partnerships.

Pumpco can deliver a variety of fluid designs including diverter, slickwater and gelled water fracs using gelling agents to increase viscosity. If required, Pumpco has the ability to provide stable, crosslinked or hybrid fluid systems designed to address any range of temperature.

The company also offers several pumping techniques, including treatments on single-well pads, zipper fracs on multi-well pads, and pump-down assists for plug-and-perf (PNP) jobs.


  • Simul-Fracturing
  • Zipper Fracturing
  • Acid Treatments
  • Specialty Fluids Upon Request
  • Diverter Treatments

Technical Assistance

  • Pre-Treatment / Actual Treatment / Post-Treatment Fluid Testing
  • On-Sight Quality Control
  • Post-Job Reporting
  • FracFocus Reporting

Pumpco - Resources


Pumpco Overview

Pumpco offers hydraulic fracturing and pumping services in some of North America's largest resource plays. With fit-for-purpose equipment, staff expertise and a focus on safe operations, Pumpco is a leading provider of Pressure Pumping in today's horizontal shale market.

Twin Tornado Blender

Pumpco offers hydraulic fracturing, acidizing and pump-down services in some of North America's largest resource plays. Pumpco has a complete inventory of blenders and equipment able to handle a variety of pumping services in the most active basins.

Fracturing Pumps

Pumpco's equipment management program provides the industry with top-of-the-line fracturing pumps that have the ability to meet all pressure and rate requirements for any and all designs in today's marketplace.